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    You now:Home > English > Lining repairing branch > Technology introduction > U-HDPE lining repairing technology
      1、Technical Principle:
     U-Shape Lining Repair Technology is to use HDPE pipeline of smaller diameter,shape it into U with deforming equipment, and then tie it to make small its diameter,then use a pulling machine to place the U-HDPE into the target pipeline,and restore it to the original size with water or soft pigs.In this way the U-Shape pipeline will adhere closely to the inner wall,forming an cmposite structure of Pipe in Pipe as an anti-corrosion coating.
    3、 Technical Features:
    1) Low Demand of Old Pipeline Cleaning
    It only asks for a smooth inner wall,stintless,scracthfree after cleaning,and a corrsponding diameter after cleaning for U Shape Lining Repair,cutting Cleaning Cost and Time.
    2)  Short Duration
    This method is able to pass bends with equivallent 15°angle,long distance for single insertion.Usually it can reach a distance of over 1km provinded in good conditioned area.High speed of Cleaning,Insertion Reparing Method demands little for cleaning,so the duration is short
    3)  Safe to operate
    U-Shape HDPE pipelines can have a justable diameter of 30%,very easy to insert.And it has small scracthes in the outer wall,easier operation and high rate of success.
    4) Large Range of Application.
    For any kind of pipeline repair that’s between 75-1400mm.
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