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    1、Technical Principle:

       Hose liner method,also known as Cured-In-Place-Pipe; CIPP is to place a layer of liquid thermosetting resins,and solidify by heating(Boiled water,Hot Steam or UV)forming a thin pipe closely stick to inner wall of the old pipeline.This method,at one hand, is of no harm to the pipeline section,and effectively improve the smoothness at the other..The method can  prolong the pipeline life span of 30-50 years.The method can be applied to the pipeline repairment whose diameter is between 50—2700mm. There are two ways to place the Hose Liner into the pipeline, Reversal Method and Pulling In Method.

    (1)Insituform Lining:
       The method is using thermoset resin impregnated with impermeable membrane of fiber reinforced hose or braided hose,turn the end with resin and fix it to the mouth of the old pipeline waiting to be repaired,then apply water pressure or air pressure to turn the resined part inside out,and stick to the wall of the old pipeline.Once the hose liner reaches the end,fill in bot water or steam to solidify the resin,forming a strong layer that’s anti-rot close to the inner wal.Prior to solidification,the softness of the resin and inside pressure will fill in the damage,cross the seam and overpass the bends.When solidified,the hose liner will form a new comparatively small-diameter pipe that is of the same shape with the old pipeline.
       Insituform Lining was invented in 1970s by the British engineer for the repairment of sewers,it is wildly used in over 40countries and areas recently.
    (2) Pulling In Method.

      Insituform Lining is to use water-proof Non-woven carpet hose,wait until the resin is fully soaked,pull the carpet into  the target pipeline from the well,after round up and solidification by water pressure and air pressure,forming a new solid&smooth pipeline,in this way the old pipeline is repaired.Compared to the old pipeline repair comdition in overseas,this method is widely used in sewers because of its high fitness and reliable quality,Moreover,it applies the inspection well to carry out work,no digging work is required,so it is the actual Trenchless Technology. In particllar,the method is very useful for the repairmenmt of gravity sewage pipeline,making it possible for the repairment of many U Shape Pipelines of af around 100m long.

    2、Technology Process

    3、Technical Features
    1    To carry out the repair work with the lest trench and accupation of space.
    2 Short Construction Period:Make it a reality of interface-free of long distance.
    3  Wide Range of Application:For repairing pipelines of various makes and pipelines transporting different Materials
    4High toughness of Inner Tube,and is easy to melt with comprehensive resin,completely taking under control the inner corrosion of the target pipeline.
    5  Selectively repair the inner walls of bends and tension bends.
    6 High Pressure Bearing CapacityThe 5mm thick inner layer can sustain a pressure of 3.0Mpa even with a hole of 2mm but at the thicker layer.
    7Grouting-free, small section Over-current Loss
    4、Construction Pictures

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