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    1、Technical Principles:
       Stainless steel Rehabilitation Method is to apply lining plate in curling shape inside pipeline, and weld it to shape. Lining Steel plate can improve the pipeline’s unit pressure –resistance and water-proof ability. Because of the corrosion-resistance of the lining plate, the inside roughness of pipeline will be reduced, while improving the flow rate of water, making the lined pipe safer, more smooth, more economic and enjoy longer life span, so that the rehabilitation goal is achieved. Considering the condition of old pipeline rehabilitation overseas, this method is being widely applied because of its high fitness of technology, good reliability, and can be carried out with water pipeline.
    2、 Technological Process

    (1) No need of digging road, avoiding the affect to surroundings and city traffic
    (2)Stainless Steel inline plate has many advances, like corrosion-resisting, long life span, smooth surface, and so on.
    (3)No second time pollution to water, contamination-free, meet the standard of safety, health and power-saving    

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