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    Notice of 2015Qingming Festival holiday arrangemet [2015-05-22]
    2015 Spring Festival Vacation arrangement [2015-05-22]
    Notification for 2014 May Holiday [2014-05-29]
    the Arrangement for 2012 May Day Holiday [2012-05-14]
    the Changes of Guangzhou Branch’s Contact Address [2012-05-14]
    about the Arrangement for Qingming Festival [2012-05-14]
    about Planting Trees in the New Factory [2012-05-14]
    Notification about the Change for Company Network [2012-05-14]
    Notification about the Arrangement for New Year’s [2012-05-14]
    National Day holiday and duty arrangements [2012-05-14]
    Notification about the Mid-Autumn Day Holiday [2012-05-14]
    Notification about Unify Company Logo [2012-05-14]
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